Monday, October 22, 2007

People often ask me, Sar, how can I make my place as cool as yours? Really they are asking, "How can I do what you've done on such a short budget (actually most people openly cringe upon entering my domain, but I know it's just a cover-up..)

Allow me to let you in on a little know how everyone, perhaps even you, picks a couple of colors to decorate their say livingroom with and then they try desperately to stick to this dynamic duo of a color scheme. I have a novel idea for you that seems to work quite well for me. Instead of trying to pick just a few colors for a room, try to eliminate a few colors. For instance, purple is simply not allowed in my place. Blue has a very marginal place and orange would NEVER make it were it not so close to red and even so, poor orange is mostly always banned. Thus I am left with a wide array of colors to choose from, namely: red, green, black, pink, brown, white and sometimes yellow. You might think, that's too many, nothing will go with eachother! Not so homemaker, not so. Try it, ban the colors that make you sick and liberate yourself to the possibility of allowing all the REST of the colors to work for YOU.


stevep said...

many years ago i used to share an apartment with a room was the "Zero Stimulus Room" had completely white walls, no pictures, no curtains, no furniture,...nothing but a mattress and an alarm clock on the floor...most of my friends got a kick out of it, but i think it freaked out some of my lady friends...sometimes i still miss it!

HOPSING said...

sounds like a torture chamber to me, steve!

theother glenn miller said...

my home before katrina was what i called "the lived in thrift store" every surface decked out in quirkey brick a brack amonst well worn furniture..never a dull spot an constsntly entertaning..