Monday, October 22, 2007

Adopt a Sock Monkey

Here is a perfectly good Sock Monkey that no one seems to want. His foster parents say they picked him up at a second hand store. Poor fella. The people he is with now are just trying to make a buck off of him on ebay. That's sick, they don't even think of how that might make him feel. Didn't even give him a name. That'll be your job and one of the best parts of adding to your family.

Names are funny things. They seem to morph over time. Take for instance, my cats Boby and Smitty (pronounced 'schmidty'). Boby's name started off as Mr. Bobo Hooper which didnt last long and eventually became what it is today. There are shorter versions to each name: Bo and Smit or Mit, and then there are longer versions: Bobolinski or Bober, and Mitters or Mitt Romney (he hates that one). Any way you look at it, a name has to be flexible. Keep that in mind when choosing a name for your new Sock Monkey.

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takinanap said...

what a cute guy! i am sure he will find a good home and family, soon. who can resist that sweet face?