Monday, October 29, 2007

Darjeeling Limited

Saw Darjeeling Limited last night. Certainly not as good as Wes Anderson's other movies but still way better than the predictable crap and nice to visit a bit of India for an hour and a half with three interesting characters. Somehow though, part of the story was missing. I think it's a curse sometimes to have a reputation because for a while you think you have to live up to it and then after a certain amount of success, you get a little cocky and think "I'm so good, I can afford to be a little sloppy." What happens after a few bad reviews? Hopefully we'll find out. Bottom line, if you love Anderson's stuff (and to really love him, you have to have loved the Life Aquatic, i know i know, but's a must) then go see it. Otherwise, skip it and go see Across The Universe. My friend Andy raves about that. i want to see that new Steve Carrell one, Dan In Real Life.

Now somehow, Owen Wilson's suicide attempt is tied into The Darjeeling Limited. Maybe he sensed that the movie wasn't as brilliant as say, The Royal Tenenbaums, and he decided to STAGE a distraction that would get people to see the movie for a different reason: to see how he seemed in the see if you can tell he's not ok. OR maybe he was already feeling depressed while making the movie and hoping that by keeping busy and doing something exciting with his friends, he'd snap out of it. Then once it was over maybe he realized he was back to square one and it just broke his heart even more. Which would be sad. Owen Wilson is a true American commodity: someone that makes us smile unexpectedly. I'd hate to lose that.

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