Thursday, October 25, 2007

New King in Town?

Something unexpected happened today. Smitty, my younger and orange cat, attacked Boby, The King, by lunging at him and trying to get his teeth into Boby's flesh. Then when Boby tried to run away, Smitty went after him jumping on his back and biting his neck, viciously. Now, Boby has always held the top position in this household, he's older, he's grouchier. He's the ONLY one who attacks and he usually does it when he wants to sit or lie where Smitty is. Smitty isn't usually allowed on my bed alone (this is Boby's rule, not mine) but he is sometimes allowed to join Boby. Next thing I know, Smitty is on my bed: ALONE, what the...? This might all be explained by the bad time we had this morning. Smitty was meowing really loudly for me to get up and it was making me really mad so I throw a bottle of Tums at him from bed. I've never done this before and yes, it missed him. I yelled at him more than usual and then i was over it, back to loving Mommy mode. Could this have caused some kind of reactive aggression? Or did Smitty finally decide that, now that Boby is getting older (17 is my guess) that Smitty doesn't have to take his crap anymore? Time will tell. I will keep you posted on this developing news...

On a happier note, I received ONE of my new proton clock radios today. The home unit, not the satellite speaker one which is way late (more on that in a minute). This thing is huge, for a clock radio at least. It could definatly kick my old thrift shop clock radio's ass. So where oh where is the speaker unit? Finally got an email from the ebayer i bought it from:

Hi Sara,
Sincerely, I will try to keep the drama brief, bottom line you are getting your item.

I just wrapped 4 of the same radios to ship out tomorrow. The story is my family and I were living on a Property that my wife’s sister voluntarily foreclosed on due to an adjustable rate loan going south big time.

The bank came and tried to lock us out prematurely and we had to re-locate. No BS! I literally had to grab The radios in a frenzy, because it was just important to me to make good on all the items I had sold. If that Isn’t enough excuse, I got gas on my paypal debit card $10 worth, and they locked up $75 for 5 days that I needed For shipping. Your satisfaction and my standing in the ebay community is very important to me. Please accept my Humble apologies for the delay, because I understand when I’m on the buying side of an item and it hasn’t showed In a timely manner, I’m not pleased and become doubtful.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

I told him i believed him and good luck and all of that, I need that speaker! So we'll see if ol Spence comes through.


bob mufffanny said...

ive come to believe the wilder the excuses the less likely its true ..but the guy gets points for using current events in his story..

qoh said...

make sure you keep us up to date with your cat adventures.. and stop throwing TUMS!

HOPSING said...

i know that was bad, i tried to hold his mouth shut for a second too that morning, i was on a rampage!