Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Orange Orbs Over Ontario

Got a call from my friend Dave today saying he's seen strange orange lights over Lake Ontario for the past three nights while out walking his dog. Last night he met a group of people who had been following the orbs all the way from Fairhaven (1 1/2 hours east from Rochester). One guy said he's been seeing them for years and that the sightings have been increasing quite a bit. A quick look on the web confirms that people from both sides of the lake (Canada and US) have been seeing these things for many years and one theory is that the aliens have an underwater station in the lake. Many have seen the glowing ufo's go straight into the water. Here's an old video of something similiar:
I will keep you posted on any more sightings!

Went to wait on the beach the other night with my friend Erica and after about 15 minutes we saw 5 orange lights way over to the west. They were all in a row, Two double orbs with one single one in the middle. All the same light intensity and very close together. After half a minute, one set of 1 turned south and disappered as did the other set, and then the single one faded away. It was VERY strange. Send me a comment if you've ever seen any unidentified flying objests in your lifetime...

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