Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Here's an old dream I had: it was about a girl(me) and 2 guys. One rich guy, one poor guy, set back in time early 1900's maybe? maybe a little sooner, some other country. i was supposed to be with the rich guy but wanted to be with the poor one, played by benecio del toro. there was some squirmish at a party and benecio and i took off. he wanted to show me a good time but we had to walk, it was going to take days of walking to get there. on the way, we saw the rich guy at a fancy bar hotel, another squirmish then we were hiding, then we had to go back and he lost his nice suit but then got it back by diving into this water, not like a lake or anything, something industrial, the suit was all he had, he got it back. then there were these 3 rats, they had something he needed too and he was trying to get it back and then said screw it and took out his little knife and stabbed one in front of me. i then knew he had grown up in a tough world and was holding things back for my sake, to not look so rough...woke up.

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