Monday, December 15, 2008

old celebrity dream

Jemaine Clement of Flight of the Conchords was my boyfriend in this dream and he was working on sabotaging someone's project, I was helping. Part of the plan was slathering glue on the back of these paintings and displaying them as though they were the work of the artist. Jemaine (and I) purposing did it worng and when they were displayed, all the paintings fell apart. The only problem was, it was apparent that it was Jemaine who ruined the artists work and he got in big trouble. My mom was there and yelled at Jemaine. I was mad too and he felt bad. To make up, he donned an alien head costume. I put one on too. There was a cut out for our faces and Jemaine started making alien sounds and I did the same. It was funny and we made up. I was so happy and wanted to tell him we should never fight again and I really felt like we'd be together forever.

Next we find ourselves preparing for a gala event. There are other people helping and then there's just us and this short woman with frizzy hair and an attitude. (she might have been the artist from before). Jemaine starts spending way too much time with her and I become jealous. He senses this and storms out. I am very upset, but the show must go on and does. The party is on and there are celebrities everywhere. I am looking for Jemaine but Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones (or Whats-Her-Name as I refer to her in the dream) are clowning around and dancing right in my way. Finally I say Get outta my way! and when they let me by I say: You dancing fools! with a big smile on my face so that they dont think i'm too rude. Jemaine is talking to that stupid girl again, so I go talk to Vince Vaughn to make HIM jealous. Then I wake up.

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