Friday, November 28, 2008

Dream Series

This dream featured Rocky. In the dream, I was hanging around his loft and this guy comes out and I think to myself, that's Burt Young (who played Pauly in the original movie) only it was some other guy in the dream, anyhow, he was drinking and a real wreck but Rocky took care of him and I thought, wow, Rocky never let's anyone go. Then we were going to have a dinner with everyone there and there was this girl who used to be his girlfriend hanging around...Rocky steps out to get some fresh bread for the dinner and the girl and I are trying to put the table somewhere where there'd be enough room for everyone. There's these 3 christmas trees and while we're moving the table, they all float up to the ceiling. Weird. Then Rocky comes back.

PS: Rocky was my first great love after seeing the movie in a theater on Cape Cod. I must have been 9 years old...and totally smitten.

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kim* said...

I think i read one of your dreams before. pretty cool!