Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the world is falling down, hold my hand

The other night my old retaining wall came tumbling down with a terrific crash! it happened after a day of birdwatching where i found a lucky penny in the snow followed by a rare visit from a mockingbird who let us get within 3 feet of where she perched on a bush near my driveway. The next day I was at my mother's during the big wind storm and crash! again. Her tree in the front yard had come down, luckily parallel to the street, no people got smushed and no roads blocked. Today my friend Dan jack- and sledge- hammered the bricks apart and I wheelbarrowed them over to a pile at the back of my driveway where i am to sneak a few stones into my garbage every week. At that rate, it'll take about 3.5 years to get rid of this pile and in the meantime, you just know i'm going to have to make something out of them.i think it's interesting that these things happened at the end of this mostly horrible year. Let everything fall so that in 2009 we can build anew...

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