Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Is This Success?

I think I may have finally hit it big. I was at the frame shop where I work today and one of my collectors came in and was looking at some of my paintings on the wall.
"My wife just loves your work you know, well, I really like it too." He says. Then he adds, "You know, we named one of our dogs after you."
Me: "Get out!"
Him: "No, really, you can call my wife right now and ask her. We named our dog Sara."
Then he went on to say that the dog was a real Tasmanian Devil...hmmm, not sure if they named the dog before or after they found out she was a Tasmanian Devil, but needless to say, I was quite flattered. (Now there's TWO Tasmanian Devils out there named Sara!)


g.muff said...

well these days compliments are rare ..an you take what you can get ..its just luckey your fan wasnt a reptile keeper.

3crows said...

awwww, youre the best commenter EVER!

Diana said...

that's awesome. someday maybe i'll have a dog named after me!

Kerry said...

Nice! You should buy yourself a nice new collar to celebrate!

jcnStudios said...

That's funny...kinda flattering :)