Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ahhhh, Spring

This is my fluffy new backyard as of this morning. Yes, we here in Upstate NY are very excited to see signs of spring. Shoveling, extra layers of clothing, shoveling, warming up and deicing the car, and shoveling are some of the more popular springtime activities around these parts. To learn more about springtime in NY go to Alaska.


Elsita said...

Wow Sara!
Lovely spring! All white and nice!
I also love the flowers, specially the one on the pink door in the little yellow house :)
Now seriously: I really like this picture, it's like a fantasy place!
Have a nice spring!
Elsita :)

g muff said...

stange all made from one fat snowflake that crashlanded in your backyard..also watchout for the tedious snowball of ice with nowhere to land an refuses to melt.