Monday, March 31, 2008

All About BITCH

What is the deal with this word and why do women find is so offensive? I guess it's not so much that they find it offensive than it is used as a way to piss another woman off or to let her know just how pissed off the bitchee is. A man calling a woman the B word is an altogether different subject.

When my sister and I lived together there was an unspoken rule that to call the other one a bitch was inexcusable. To get around the never discussed rule, there were levels of BITCH that could be used to show how much of a BITCH the other was being. The first level being calling one a "B" i.e. "Don't be a B!" This one could be used without escalating the situation. The next level went straight to B.I.T. for example: "What a B.I.T.!" or simply stating "B.I.T." when getting a little angry. There was no B.I or B.I.T.C. that I recall, I could be wrong.

BITCH actually morphed into a term of affection for us too in the form of "Beich" which then made it into the mainstream in the form of "Beoch".

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