Saturday, October 1, 2011


This is my Bubs Wubbles, otherwise known as Henwy....part Shar Pei, part Irish Terrier, Henwy comes from a broken Amish family from the dark backwoods of rural Pennsylvania. Rumor has it his kid brother was trampled by one of the cows there by mistake. Yep, life was hard back then. Henwy was three months old and beginning to starve to death when a kindly soul stepped in and got him and his remaining brothers out of there. Shortly after he came to live with me. He was small but already looked like an old man. One of my friends wanted to call him Benjamin Button, but my sister suggested Henry and it stuck, sort of, ya see, Henry is abnormally small for his age. His poor upbringing has stunted his growth and his Shar Pei features keep him looking quite youthful (well..he's only about 14 months as we speak) but...he's my little forever puppy. He's got a bad heart and some other tough issues but I gotta tell ya, this little guy is so full of life and personality and charm. And when he 'talks', he talks wike dis...whatrya gonna do?

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