Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dancing Fox and Owl Painting

Yup, you knew the time was near, a dancing fox and owl, big surprise. The really big surprise of this 8x10 on canvas now for sale in my etsy shop AHEM is the color scheme. Observe the odd pairing of Burnt Orange and Eggplant Purple lightly joisting (or rather dancing as in this case) on a bed of fresh Parisian Green, garnished with a dollop of Mint and a smattering of a warm and fluffy Peach Sorbet and you have the makings for a totally new color combo. Feel free to ogle in wonder.

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Blackbird Experience said...

Thought I'd take a break from ogling and leave a comment. Love it! I was looking for traces of malice in the fox's grin, but found none. :)