Thursday, June 26, 2008


Summertime and the bloggin aint easy...neither is the painting scene and I find myself avoiding painting altogether. I usually paint at work once I do everything I have to do but in the summer when sales start to fall off, I lose my joie de vie, my mojo, and I tend to find more chores to occupy me or chat up the customers a little bit more. Today was nice because little ole Sister Wilma with the very deep voice came in with a project and upon seeing me declared that she had, once again, locked her keys in her car. I completed her project (which consisted of fitting one of her paintings into a frame that she bought at Target, she was amazed that I figured it out) and as I was working on said project we tried to figure out what she should do about her keys. She called the Mother House and asked the nice new sister candidate, Anita, if she could find her spare set of keys and drive them to the frame shop. Of course, Anita said yes and then we waited. Oh and worried if Anita would be able to find the place.

I asked Sister Wilma what it was like living where she lived and she told me some of the new prospects, which apparently are far and few nowadays, but nonetheless all seem to be musically inclined and their guitar playing and singing travels throughout the whole house. They do have a tv and all of them watch the news but some of the sisters like CSI and Law and Order and Sister Wilma will go then and play cards or attempt the ongoing puzzle until it's time to go to bed (around 9:30). We talk about Sister Wilma's art and how one of the sister's is pushing her to raise her prices but she decides she'll put up a fight next time it comes up and all of a sudden, Anita is there. I can't tell if she's older or younger than me even though her hair is springing greys everywhere. We go outside and discover that Sister Wilma's car has been running the whole time...

Monday, June 23, 2008

New Episode of CuteWithChris

Ebay Offerings

where'd everybody go? i can tell the economy is going down and the summer is heating bids on my paintings!!!'s the time to get some real deals...original paintings for 20 bucks!

Friday, June 13, 2008

My Fresh Hell

This is what I imagine my neighbor's newest addition looks like:

Actually, they live directly behind me and as of open-screen-door season, things in my neck of the woods have gotten pretty annoying. These people, one very loud woman and her teenage(?) daughters, have gotten a new pet. They already have 3 cats who are always in my yard. The loud woman would yell out her back door for the cats to come home: BooBoo! Misty!! Baby!!! Well, they've gotten something else, I can't say what it is, but it's name is Beeby or BeeGee or something. I should know by now because the one woman has been shrieking it out constantly for the past 3 weeks...and I mean shrieking and I mean constantly. They also dragged their tv into their back yard and keep that cranked up so I can hear all the ads and Jerry Springer episodes and oh, shocker, the news...but they yell over that.

So, I'm listening to BeeGee!!! C'mon baby!!! C'mere BeeGee!!!!! and I'm thinking, what animal in it's right mind would come running to THAT? In the meantime, about every hour, there's a huge cat fight, well, cat and whatever-BeeGee-is fight. And then the loud woman screams: NO! Stop it, you leave him alone!!! And we're good for another hour. I simply cannot take this anymore. I have been mockingly calling BeeGee! whenever SHE does, but not loud enough for them to hear over the tv. I don't want bad feelings with neighbors but my voice keeps getting louder every time I mock. I can't help it, they're breaking me down. I feel enormously sorry for BeeGee. If he ever comes aknockin I'm taking him in as a charity case.

Next thing is, I'm cleaning out some weeds on the side of my house and the next door neighbors have stashed a little container with 2 baby pot plants growing in it on my property, where they thought I'd never find it. Are they trying to frame me, or keep themselves safe?I also almost moved them to their property (but what if someone else found them, the police are at their house somewhat regularly) Again, I dont want bad feelings with neighbors that I have to live by for 20 years. These people are already pissed at me because they think I called the cops on them for something, which I didnt, they keep implying it though. Stuck! I am stuck. I'm gonna take the plants and grow 'em myself, it's the only way out of this mess..

tis the season

This is what my street looked like just a scant few months ago. At the time, I couldn't imagine a 92 degree day the likes of which we have today.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Ebay Offerings

here are some of my newest paintings on ebay now, click HERE to see the rest...

Monday, June 9, 2008

PollyWogg Holler

Here are some pictures of PollyWogg Holler an eco-resort in Belmont, NY that we went to yesterday for delicious homemade raspberry wine, live music and a good time. As you walk through the forest to get to where the action is, you pass many sculptures on either side of the path, set into the woods. There are plenty of unique places to stay overnight in, we were just there for the day. Had a great time and will be going back for sure!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tom Waits

My all time favorite, gives an interview...please watch to the end...

Monday, June 2, 2008

flickr fun

Sometimes I like to browse around Flickr. You can find some pretty wild stuff going through other Flickr users' Favs.

Originally uploaded by litsy
love this one, so odd...

Awwww Pookie Leaf

Originally uploaded by ieve
Wats wong??

love & twigs

love & twigs
Originally uploaded by Sly Fox A
i think this one should be called "And Trees"

death on the coast

death on the coast
Originally uploaded by amyhstudio
this couldnt be anymore perfect

brothers with light auburn hair

check out this one...i think i'd be very happy (if not slightly freaked out) if this was a photograph of MY kids.

by akinao

Aged animal
Originally uploaded by akinao
i love this one's colors among other things

Video Of The Day

I ALMOST forgot about Jonathan Richman aka's a fun little video of his...