Friday, June 13, 2008

My Fresh Hell

This is what I imagine my neighbor's newest addition looks like:

Actually, they live directly behind me and as of open-screen-door season, things in my neck of the woods have gotten pretty annoying. These people, one very loud woman and her teenage(?) daughters, have gotten a new pet. They already have 3 cats who are always in my yard. The loud woman would yell out her back door for the cats to come home: BooBoo! Misty!! Baby!!! Well, they've gotten something else, I can't say what it is, but it's name is Beeby or BeeGee or something. I should know by now because the one woman has been shrieking it out constantly for the past 3 weeks...and I mean shrieking and I mean constantly. They also dragged their tv into their back yard and keep that cranked up so I can hear all the ads and Jerry Springer episodes and oh, shocker, the news...but they yell over that.

So, I'm listening to BeeGee!!! C'mon baby!!! C'mere BeeGee!!!!! and I'm thinking, what animal in it's right mind would come running to THAT? In the meantime, about every hour, there's a huge cat fight, well, cat and whatever-BeeGee-is fight. And then the loud woman screams: NO! Stop it, you leave him alone!!! And we're good for another hour. I simply cannot take this anymore. I have been mockingly calling BeeGee! whenever SHE does, but not loud enough for them to hear over the tv. I don't want bad feelings with neighbors but my voice keeps getting louder every time I mock. I can't help it, they're breaking me down. I feel enormously sorry for BeeGee. If he ever comes aknockin I'm taking him in as a charity case.

Next thing is, I'm cleaning out some weeds on the side of my house and the next door neighbors have stashed a little container with 2 baby pot plants growing in it on my property, where they thought I'd never find it. Are they trying to frame me, or keep themselves safe?I also almost moved them to their property (but what if someone else found them, the police are at their house somewhat regularly) Again, I dont want bad feelings with neighbors that I have to live by for 20 years. These people are already pissed at me because they think I called the cops on them for something, which I didnt, they keep implying it though. Stuck! I am stuck. I'm gonna take the plants and grow 'em myself, it's the only way out of this mess..


mgf said...

ugh, my sister has the horrible unwatched kids house next door, friend helena has the student house with a stage for band practices and parties, you have this one.. our neighbors saw rock all the time.. neighbors are weird to deal with..

g. muff said...

this made me madder an madder as i read ...first step polite but firm request for some consideration ..make up a good story ..dying parent you have in home needs quiet...your neurotic son get out of control with loud noise an shouting..he starts breaking things an has to be sedatated..if no cooperation next step ..war..start looking up local noise ordinance an laws ..nuance laws have no choise but to fight for your right for enjoy your home in a reasonable atmosphere..a threating letter from a also an option..these people are not civil an your not the only neighbor who feels this something you have no choice..god bless..g.m

g muff said...

just recieved a report on these urban freaks..had to go thru the fbi exotic specis unit but found that .your axactly right they have illegally recieved a red panda from china..there being watched by several federal protective species patient because th case is building .jail time is mandatory..the case #45397..good lk gm