Monday, October 13, 2008

my dream

I would like to change a small apartment building into a “hotel.” A place for people who like to travel, but also like to just live somewhere different for awhile. Each apartment would have a different feel. Most would contain TVs, computers, stereos, books and a fully stocked fridge, according to the visitor’s likes.

For instance, there’d be an apartment for creative types. Any number of materials to work with would be included for the stayer to play with. They would also be allowed to take their newly made piece with them with the stipulation that material costs are paid for and a good photo of the piece is submitted to eventually hang in the apartment (a $5,000 fee if photo is not submitted).

There’s might be a room decorated completely in the 70s style. All music from the 70s, books, etc. Our Tour Guide would recommend having lunch at a diner or to go to a roller skating rink.

I might also have an apartment designed after a 1940’s apartment in the Bronx. All old appliances, a line for drying clothes…the possibilities are endless.

One apartment, on the first floor, would be turned onto a good restaurant as well as bar with live entertainment friday and saturday nights. There would also be a bar on the roof. You could actually spend your entire time here, if you wanted, but the location would make it easy to get out and experience the town or city without having to drive too much. Oh, and there would also be a resident cat named Poppy who roams the entire place.


g muff said...

there could be a apartment that has oversized furniture where you are able to recall lost days of child memory ...

3crows said...

yeah! and only cookies in the pantry and ice cream in the ice box...oh and there should to be a puppy that you would have to take care of