Saturday, October 11, 2008

crafts on the cheap

my sister and i went to a partylite candle party last night, where they try to get you to buy overpriced stuff you could get at the dollar thing the gal had was one of those reed diffusers that are all the rage these days (god forbid we're not smelling flowers all the time). Well, she wanted forty bucks (!) for them so we were discussing on the way home how we could make our own. Here's what you do: go outside and grab some dead dried-out stalks of anything porous, has to be porous. Bring them in and pour some perfume or essential oil (mix with a carrier oil) into a glass vase, then stick the stalks in and viola! You got yerself a reed diffuser, or dead stalk diffuser, whichever you the picture above i used hazelnut cream simmering liquid, not sure that'll work, but I have plenty of stalks to experiment with!


Martha Jo said...

Is it working???

g muff said...

i once had a dead tree that smelled like salty soap i broke off little twigs an glued them to the ceiling musty room smelled like a fresh washed cat