Monday, February 25, 2008

Today's Artist Is Glenn

Glenn Miller is a dear friend of mine who I met at the JazzFest in New Orleans 17 years ago. He is, among other things, a sketch artist and he approached my sister and I asking to borrow a pen. We had one and he right away did a sketch of us:
We wrote our address on the sketch and he promised to send us a copy, which he did and he and I became Penpals. Since we didn't know each other at all, it was easy to make up different personas for ourselves and soon, Rose Petal and Muffin Man (with the blueberry eyes, now known as g.muff) were born. Muffin would beg Rose Petal to come live with him on his alligator farm and eventually, she the letters. Since then, there have been many adventuresome REAL visits now between Glenn and I can truthfully say that we are family. Here's one of his etchings called Jazz Funeral:
Here's one of Glenn's newer styles which he calls Indian Space Painting:

Glenn survived Hurricane Katrina and I made him this website to help raise funds for him. To read more of his amazing story and see more of his artwork go here.


dark haired vixen said...

wow.. i had a great one nite stand with the not famous band leader.but this glenn miller..we shared a teepee in a hostel in taos n.m we put the bed under the opening at the top an were bathed in new mexico moonlite as we made love.he drove me to the bus station in santa fe..that was 1997..

sandy stark said...

yea i know this guy hes not that funny an he broke my heart in 1968 ive been looking for him for all these years..hes going to have a shock when i show up on his doorstep...