Sunday, January 10, 2010

the kama sutra of railroad findings

my dad and i used to walk the railroad tracks by my apartment to look for junk. this one day we'd gotten pretty far apart from each other and i was just stooping down to pick up a cool piece when he yells over: "I just found the best thing of the day!" and he's holding up the exact thing that I'd just picked up, so in answer to him, i held up the piece i'd found. later that day we found the other piece (I call it "the bed") for this interactive slightly suggestive sculpture. we were going to market them and actually found what they were on some railroad supply site, and then we had the idea to reproduce them in aluminum and sprayed with a velvet surface.... never ended up doing anything with them (still could, i suppose) but they a lot of fun to play with, with innumerable ways to configure the "people" with their bed!

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