Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mr. Bobo "Boby" Hooper

This is Boby when he was a vibrant and healthy cat. My little boy, who was for years quite hefty, started declining a few months ago. He's been with me through nearly half my life, sleeping with me at night (UNDER the covers and in my arms) sitting with me at the computer or on the couch...always there, always talking to me. The bond we had was so strong and he was such an intrical part of my life that I've actually been mourning his death for over 12 years now.

When my husband and I split up, I offered to let him keep Bo. After about a day he decided, no, I should keep him. I said, you know the only reason I'd let you have him is so that I never have to deal with his death. To which Manuel replied: that's why I'm letting you take him. Yes, Boby was beloved by all who met him. Most cats don't like crowds, but Boby was always there at every big or small party I had...usually looking for someone to fill his food dish, though he'd take a pat on the head too.

I had to bring Boby in to the vet yesterday to be put down, he was so very sick. I kept telling him it was ok to die, just go to sleep...but he wouldn't, he was so devoted to me. I couldn't let it go any longer, so I decided to do the thing I've been dreading for all these years. He was 19 years old and the best animal I have ever known. He's now with his Grandpa Dave who brought him to me all those years ago, probably sitting on his lap and purring again. RIP Bo.


sue said...

a lovely tribute to Boby!!!!

Martha Jo said...

He was an awesome cat, and I will miss him. RIP Boby :(

glenn said...

boby who guarded you in your sleep/an danced around your feet /an sang you the meow song/at his kitty dish to eat /now his purring fills the universe deep/still loving the best human/ he decided to keep/sara/