Sunday, April 19, 2009

free stuff

on our way home from mom's today there was a sign on the side of the road:


we get out and the guy is there: take it all, i've got tons more, whadda you guys need? ya got kids, ya got kids? whadda ya need? plates? name it!

well, i just couldnt think fast enough...what do i need...what do i need?! i pick up a metal vase and on the bottom is stamped: SOLID PEWTER. I need this!

Seriously, whadda you need? the guy keeps asking...

Uhhhhhhh. I still cant think of what I need, but my brain suddenly starts working again and tells my mouth to say: What do you have?!

He seizes on it: Pots! Pans! Do you have kids?
No, no kids.
How bout a garbage can, everyone can use another garbage can!
Marty pipes up: Garbage can?
Yeah right there, take it!
Marty looks appreciatingly at the beaten up and half melting garbage can and says: We lost our other one, adding sadly: it blew away.

Take it!
Marty: Sar do you think it will fit in my car.
Me: Yes.
Guy: Take it!!
Finally the guy grabs his drink (what the hell was IN that plastic cup?) and as he's walking briskly to his truck about to peel loudly away, he says, come back tomorrow there'll be a ton more stuff!

oh i'll be back...there's just something about free stuff...and yes, marty got the garbage can..

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sue said...

that is so cool....get the best stuff that way!!!