Friday, February 13, 2009

hello again

hello friends, i apologize for the lack of posting, i let my computer's background virus check to run out and some nasties rushed in, rendering my machine frustratingly useless. it was quite horrid. i have a tendency to ignore little pop up things telling me to update this and upgrade that. I think i'm cured now, as well as my computer, many days and many dollars later. I have been working on some bigger paintings, in all of my sudden spare time, and so far the reception has been quite postive. I will take picts and post very soon...stay tuned..


Bryan Voell said...

Sara, I and many others applaud your comeback. I always take great solace in your work, and I consider it a great privilege and comfort to know that you're out there creating beautiful, imaginative things in a world gone wrong. I like this new painting and I look forward to seeing your collages.

3crows said...

you're very kind bryan, thanks for being so encouraging. when i find my camera (where the heck is that thing?!) i will post because i think they are done...finally...!