Sunday, January 4, 2009


Once in awhile, I get some odd coincidences happening in my life. Like the one time I had a couple of movies from the library and the symbolic object in each was a blue butterfly. Never figured out what THAT meant, and indeed, syncronicity can be pretty hard to figure out, at least for me. Here's my latest, 2 books, read back to back, and they both contained a Massachusetts village under water. I guess way back when , this really happened, the powers that be made everyone leave and turned the village into a resevoir for Boston, but what are the chances that I would read about it twice in a row? And, what does it mean...anyone care to speculate?

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g muff said...

well butterflys mean freedom an the color blue usally means peace or recently have more freedom an to have more peace with it or fidelity you must use it to fly..