Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sears Portrait

Sears Portrait
Originally uploaded by snailbooty
snailbooty is an insanely hyper-creative artist with seemingly a million dolls at his disposal...

A Fluff Piece

One of my newest paintings on ebay right now (click the title above to be taken to the auction) called The Wild Bunch...

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sarah Blank

Look what Sarah Blank has come up with lately! Just lovely work she does....

the bad manniquin

One night something hopped off of my dresser and bounded down the stairs. When I went to investigate the noise i found the rogue manniquin lying lifeless on the landing. He was then relocated to the great wall of netting in my backyard. As you can see, he is trying to get free and come back inside...

Check out Elsa Mora's story

Click on the title of this blog to read Elsa's harrowing and ultimately joyous personal story. Then check out the rest of her blog, quite that talented lady!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Black Bear waking up from winter sleep

LOVE this sleepy bear by kristiana parn at At Blue Sky

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Pink Bird

Hit on the title of this post to see my latest offering on etsy...or just look here:

Saturday, January 12, 2008

this is fun

a random word combiner...

Cute With Chris is Back!

dumpr is scary

Digital Cameras Tools
Created with - fun with your photos

dumpr is fun

Digital Cameras Fun
Get your own photo sketch

erica and i on a museum wall

Digital Camera Fun
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Here it sister told me about this years ago and I finally found the original site (not that i've been looking, i actually jump stumbled on it) GOOGLEWHACKING is getting a one-website- hit when plugging two words into google. For instance, anxiousness scheduler, yields just one site: What special job title was reserved for the secretaries of Enron's corporate finance officers? No where else in the deep pockets of google do those two words exist together like that.

(i just read this again, what the freak is "jump stumbled"? i think i just freudian slipped a syncronicity!) etsy

yes, i have joined the very happy crowd at etsy!!!

trying it out for now, I am still addicted to ebay's excitement and these are the latest paintings there (first one a tiny aceo and second one an 8x10 on canvas:

search ebay for "pulver art" to find em

Dipping My Toe In

taken by infinity more monkeys

Can you tell I've been looking at decorating bloggers? There are some darn creative people out there and they are all just so..cheerful. They're all so nice and funny and....upbeat. They use a LOT of exclamation points. I guess I do to at times! There I just used one. See? I can blog.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

BIG little painting

Digital Camera Fun
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Saturday, January 5, 2008


i dreampt last night that i was in a small gang of young boys. we visited cape cod ( a common place for me in my dreams) every month or so. we couldnt really afford it so we took to stealing these expensive glass bottles. everywhere we went, there was a collection of expensive glass bottles. there was never a scene where we procured money off of these bottles, it was entirely implied. at one point, we were on the cape at a party or wedding and all the pets (cats and birds) got loose from the hotel. they were gathered up into one big building where I was able to find my 3 cats (in real life i have 2) there were thousands of cats and birds, mainly finches. I got Boby and was carrying him back to the hotel through the back way but I couldnt remember where the door and stairway was to get to the main part. A worker was giving me a hard time and I was worried that Boby would decide to jump out of my arms when all of a sudden a grade school classmate, Danny Navis, showed up (I havent seen him in about 35 years) we marveled at that and he helped me find the door.

I had this blow up photo of one of the rooms we had stayed in and I had painted on it.

got back to our room and the boys were already there. we owed money and had to leave, fast. One of the boys grabbed an expensive glass bottle and headed for the window. i looked out and there was no easy way to climb down. still, he was determined and out he climbed. I had the blow up photo as well as the bottle and was scared to climb out...