Thursday, August 21, 2008

David L. Pulver

My dad passed away suddenly from a heart attack this past Monday. He wasn't a typical dad. When he'd come home to visit we'd have to have a big party because all of our friends considered him a friend and wanted to see him. Dad was always the life of the party and told all kinds of crazy stories that everyone found hard to believe. He led quite the life. It's very hard to accept that I will never see him again. Rest in peace Dad, I love you.


MGF said...

Oh Sara,

I am sorry to hear your news... Can you tell any stories about your dad? I've never heard about him...


glenn said...

sara my thoughts an prayers were with you at daves last big party..death can be such a sudden thief first its hard to count our loss.then the gradual realizing of grief.the death of a parent is the weight of lead. a heavy cloud of always here dear friend a hug across the gm

Bryan Voell said...


We've never met, but I feel deeply for your loss. It's obvious from your posts that he was a special guy.