Saturday, July 5, 2008

the art heist

here's a painting I am selling on ebay for the guy I work for, it's called Studio Doll, by the now deceased local artist Ramon Santiago:
The story behind this painting as that 2 years ago on Halloween someone came into the frame shop where I work and stole a Santiago painting, unbeknownst to us. The next day, someone came in and I caught him running out the door with another Santiago painting. Looking around I realized all three of the original paintings we had there were gone. I immediately thought of a particular customer who was very much interested in Santiago's work and in the subsequent days, made this known to the investigators. Well, turns out I was right. This customer was a local Rochester attorney who hired 2 thugs who he'd previously represented to come in and steal the paintings off the walls of the frame shop. He was to give them $5000 for their stealthy efforts. The paintings combined value was $31,000. This was all very big news here in town and a lot of people came in to chat about it...sales were very high by the end of the year! One lady came in and told me the lawyer used to come into her bank (she was a teller) and that they had him on surveillance camera stealing one of their fancy calculators off of the counter. In the end the 2 thugs ended up in jail and the lawyer, though he confessed, got off scott free...

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