Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The White Crow

Yes Virginia, there are white crows...and I saw one last year. Someone told me there was one in a cemetary so my sister and I and one of our birding friends went to find him. It was a huge cemetary but we found him right away in a big old pine tree. His mama was squawking around, tryin to make sure we werent going to steal her baby but for the most part we were alone with a very rare creature.

Here's a painting I did to commemorate the event:


g".true crow"muff said...

nice try but i see a sad looking bird that evidently got into some white paint

Weirdbuglady said...

That's so cool! And I don't think I could get a bird that white with paint if I tried :P

g."no white"muff said...

weirdbuglady heres a explanation you can check this in your books..crows mark each member of there clan with white droppings ..the lowest member ends up like this poor guy.